Welcome to Brun

Brunswick Baptist church is a three storey building ideally situated in the city centre of Gloucester. We are a modern, vibrant, Biblically inspired church that is reaching out to people of all nations and backgrounds. Come and join us one Sunday and be part of a worship community from every part of God’s planet.

Mission is central to the life of Brunswick church. God has entrusted to us the most wonderful message that in Jesus Christ we can experience God’s love, forgiveness and mercy. Our mission as a church is to simply share this message with everyone.


As God’s people in this place, we desire to:

  • Outreach to people in the city centre by use of our premises, people and pastor.
  • Promote a greater depth of love and community within the church using the gifts and talents of our congregation.
  • Be a church where the word of God is related to human needs by applying consistent biblical teaching.
  • Offer worship in which there is a shared input by the minister and gifted individuals as enabled by the Holy Spirit.
  • Practice a deepened and broadened sense of Prayer through personal and corporate responses to our God.
  • Release the gifts that God has given to his people through the priesthood of all believers.

Who are Baptists?

Baptists form the fifth largest Christian church in the world, and their churches are found in almost every country in the world. There are about 40 million members worldwide. In Britain 2,150 churches belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain, between them having about 150,000 members.

The name ‘Baptist’ comes from the New Testament practice of immersion in water. The word was coined in the seventeenth century by their opponents, but it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that Baptists accepted the use of the label to describe themselves.

In 2009, Baptists celebrated the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Baptist movement.

You can read more about Baptists on the BBC Religions website – click here.


The Church was formed on October 3rd, 1813 in a room in New Inn Lane when seven Baptists who had been worshipping with other Congregations in the City were formed into a gospel church by the Rev. Thomas Flint of the Uley Union Church. They subsequently invited Mr. Flint to become their pastor which he did, labouring with them for six years and adding seven further members to the Church.

In 1974, the church moved to its present site in Southgate Street and the old church and hall was demolished.

A Letter in a Bottle

The Baptist Church, Brunswick Road, Gloucester

It appears some few Baptists had worshipped with Independents until about 1812 but soon after this, they decided to meet in another part of the City and try and form a congregation after the desire of their own hearts in accordance with the principles and Laws of Christ, as they understood them. Some premises belonging to Mr. Drayton (a surgeon in the City) situated in New Inn Lane were converted by him into a chapel and was opened for the Baptist Denomination. It is recorded in an old Baptist magazine:

On July 28th 1813 a chapel of moderate size in New Inn Lane in the City of Gloucester was opened for public worship for the accommodation of the Particular Baptists. Brethren Trotman of Tewkesbury began the service by Reading and Prayer. Dr Ryland preached from Phil. 1.18. Mr Flint of Uley concluded. In the afternoon, Mr Williams of Kings Stanley read and prayed and Mr Winterbotham preached from Ezekiel 47c, 1 to the 12 verse. We are informed (says the Editor) that the place continues well attended and that the prospect is very pleasing.

In the magazine for 1814 it is recorded the few months since a place of worship was opened for the Baptists in Gloucester, the congregation has been since very encouraging and on the first Lord’s Day in Oct (1813) a church and deacons chosen. The magazine reports also that “recently Mr Flint of Uley has accepted their unanimous invitation to supply them for 12 months. We are requested to add that if any generous friends be disposed to assist in nursing this very promising infant interest their remittance will be gratefully received by Mr Drayton or Mr Whittard residents in the City.