A rainbow

Rainbow Falls – the rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise to Noah after the Flood

We would love you to join us as we celebrate God’s goodness and mercy in a time of worship, teaching, testimony and prayer.  Various people lead these times so this ensures that each meeting will take a different form but the principles underlying these meetings are as follows:

1. To meet with God in Worship and Praise.
2. To allow God to meet with us so that we might be changed more into His likeness.
3. To share testimonies of God’s goodness.
4. To learn from God’s Word.
5. To go on being filled with the Spirit.
6. To pray, especially for urgent or serious Church matters, as well as major concerns beyond our own fellowship.
7. To glorify the Lord and enrich our personal experience of Him.

The Living Waters Fellowship meets monthly on the Thursday after the second Wednesday of each the month.  The actual dates for these meeting may be found in the Events Calendar.