Week of Prayer 2018

Sunday March 25th to Sunday April 1st

Come and join us

…wherein we walk with Jesus during the last week of his earthly life, reflect that these things happened for the people of Gloucester – and consider our response…

Palm Sunday 25th March 2018

Theme: John 12.12-19

10:00 morning service – What if Jesus came to Gloucester?

Additional 40 minutes of worship at the beginning of the week as we remember the crowds gathering upon hearing the news that Jesus was coming into the city

6:30pm evening service – Exploring the themes of the week and seeking God’s leading


Please note that the clocks go forward today

Monday 26th March 2018

Holy Monday

Theme: Matthew 21.12-17

Meet for prayer at 7:30pm:

Consider: On this day, we remember Jesus clearing the temple. What would Jesus like to clear out of our city, our church, our lives?

Tuesday 27th March 2018 

Great and Holy Tuesday 

Theme: Matt 22.1-46

Meet for prayer at 7:30pm: 

Consider: what does Jesus want to teach us about the Kingdom of God and how it relates to our Church in the City of Gloucester

Wednesday 28th March 2018 

Spy Wednesday

Theme: Luke 20.9-19, 22.1-6

Meet for prayer at 7:30pm

Consider: What opposition is there to Jesus today, from individuals, from organisations, institutions, etc…?

Thursday 29th March 2018

Maundy Thursday

Theme: John13.1-17

Meet for prayer and to share communion at 7:30pm

Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and shared a final meal with them, including the symbolic elements

Consider: how should we “wash each other’s feet”?

Friday 30th March 2018

Good Friday

Theme: Isaiah 53.1-9

Meet at 9:30am at Brun to pray before the Walk of Witness from Gloucester City Centre to Cathedral, together with other Churches

As we remember Jesus being led through the streets of Jerusalem, we walk the streets of Gloucester praying for our neighbours.

…food will be available at Open Door at Brun’ afterwards.

Saturday 29th March 2018

Holy Saturday

Theme: John19.38-42

Meet at 2:30pm in the back room to pray together before the event

3:00pm 4Front Theatre: “So on & So 4th” – exploring what it is to be “church”.  See below for more details

Pray that our visitors will be challenged by the gospel – and expect to learn something about “church”.

Consider: on perhaps the darkest day in the Christian year, God has demonstrated his love for us. How can we best share that love with others who don’t know him yet?

3pm on Saturday 31st March


Exploring what it means to be “church”

Weddings, Funerals, baptisms, preaching, worship bands, organ players, communion, choirs, sermons, steeples, prayers and so on and so forth…. That’s where 4Front Theatre sits, within the “So On and So 4th”, within that broad spectrum of extra-curricular church activities.

Join 4Front for an hour of entertainment; sketches, songs, games and a whole lot of fun, while figuring out what it means to be part of God’s lovely, if not slightly dysfunctional family: the Church. Free admission, donations appreciated but entirely optional



Sunday 1st April

Easter Sunday


10:45 morning service – John 20.1-29

 Consider: how were you persuaded that Jesus is alive? 

6:30pm evening service – Matthew 28.16-20 

Gathering together experiences from the week

If you require a printed copy of this leaflet, please look on the table at the back of church or click here for a version that you can print.